DSW 3000: Diploma in Social Work

This programme takes one and half years. By the end of this course, the trainee should be able to:

  • Understand various intervention measures in solving social problems in a society
  • Use local resources to empower the societies in order to become self reliance.    .
  • Appreciate the role of communication in social work
  • Understand various methods and approaches used in social development activities
  • Appreciate the importance of involving other professionals in the development and solving social problems in a society.
  • Promote ethical and legal practices in appraising and solving social development problems
  • Appreciate the importance of self-entrepreneurial skills in the national development.

DSW 3001: Social Work Theory and Practice
DSW 3002: Introduction to Community Development
DSW 3003: Development Economics
DSW 3004: Community Based Organizations
DSW 3005: Communication Skills
DSW 3006: Entrepreneurship
DSW 3007: Community Capacity building and Partnerships
DSW 3008: Information Communication Technology
DSW 3009: Resource Mobilization and Fundraising
DSW 3010: Project Management
DSW 3011: Advocacy and Lobbying
DSW 3012: HIV/AIDS and other Pandemics
DSW 3013: Statistics
DSW 3014: Legal Aspects in Social Development
DSW 3015: Resources Management
DSW 3016: Social Psychology and Human Development
DSW 3017: Counselling
DSW 3018: Social Rehabilitation and Reintegration
DSW 3019: Disaster Management
DSW 3020: Social Policy and Administration
DSW 3021: Project


  • Minimum qualifications are KCSE C- or KCE Div. 2 or the equivalent
  • Certificate in Community development, Social development, Social work, Community Health, Counseling and Psychology.
  • Course open to Beginners, Development workers, Social workers, Project managers and Fresh students