4TH January 2024 Opening / issuing of class attendance sheets ALL staff/All students
5th  -11th January 2024 Verification of September-December exams results Examinations  Office

All trainers

8th January 2024 Classes commence Deputy Principal/All trainers
8th  January-15th March 2024 MIT Unit Registration


Deputy Principal


8th -12th January 2024 Signing of the 1st  nominal roll (MARCH 2024 candidates) MARCH 2024 candidates
9th – 31st  January 2024 NITA Registration for April 2024 series NITA Students
9th  January-15th March 2024 Field trips /departmental speakers Principal/Deputy principal/ H.O.D.s
12th   January 2024 Releasing of End of term (September-December 2023 Semester) Results. Examinations  Office
15th January-28th March 2024 Period for KNEC Registration

(July 2024 candidates )

Examinations Office


15th -31st January 2024 Application of end of term results Examinations Office
19th January 2024 Deadline for submission of Business Plans & Projects (Milestone 1) Projects Coordinator/

Examinations office

22nd January-9th February 2024 Confirmation of Course Work Marks for March 2024 candidates Examinations Office/March 2024 candidates
24th January 2024 Submission of Departmental analysis reports of September-December 2023 internal results
29th January  -29th February 2024 Collection of end of term transcripts Examinations Office
31st January 2024 Submission of CAT 1 & CAMS/ATD and CPA CATS for printing All Trainers
22nd  January-29th February 2024 CAAs  MONTH(Assignment) Examinations  Office /All Trainers
1st February 2024 Renewal of class attendance sheets All students/Accounts office
8th  – 9th February 2024 Orientation of new students


Collection of nomination papers by prospective candidates

Principal/Deputy principal/Dean

All trainers


Dean/ Elections committee

12th  February 2024 Dissolution of MIT students council


Submission of Departmental analysis reports of November 2023 KNEC results.

Dean/ Elections committee




12th -29th February 2024 C.A.T 1 (Sitting cat)


Examinations  Office /All Trainers
13th -14th February 2024 Receiving of nomination papers from prospective candidates Dean/ Elections committee
15th   February 2024 Examination Committee Meeting (November 2023  KNEC  results analysis)



Vetting of candidates


Deputy Principal/H.O.D.s

Examination Officer &

All trainers


Dean/ Elections committee

16th   February 2024 Deadline for submission of Business Plans & Projects (Milestone 2 &3) Projects Coordinator/

Examinations office

19th   February 2024 Collection of advance instructions & planning materials.  

Examinations Office

19th -22nd February 2024 Students’ campaign week Dean/ Elections committee
23rd   February 2024 Students election day Dean/ Elections committee
27th   February 2024 Swearing in of the elected student leaders Dean/ Elections committee



Deadline for submission of end term exams for printing.

Dean/Community service committee/ Students union/ All trainers &

All students


All Trainers

4th -7th  March 2024 Exam moderation H.O.D.s

Examinations Office

6th  March 2024 Planning for hospitality practical papers. Examinations Office/ H.O.D Hospitality
8th  March 2024 Rehearsals &

Collection of index numbers(MARCH 2024 KNEC candidates)

Examinations Office
11th -13th  March 2024 CAMS/ATD/CPA CAT 2 Accounts and finance department
11th -28th  March 2024 Period for MARCH 2024 KNEC exams (Business & Technical) Principal

Examinations Office/ March 2024 candidates

20th March 2024 Releasing of Draft Timetable for end of term exams


Submission of  marks entry sheets & entering marks online (cat and assignment marks)

Examinations Office



All Trainers

25th -28th  March 2024


Collection of exam clearance sheets (All internal students )

Payment of Material fee and collection of exam clearance

(Nita April  series candidates)

Accounts office/All students



NITA Students

25th March 2024 Releasing of Final Timetable for end of term exams.  

Examinations Office

2nd April 2024 NITA exams-April 2024 series NITA candidates Examinations Office
2nd  -5th April 2024 KASNEB EXAMS

DLP online workshop

KASNEB candidates

Deputy principal/respective HODS

2nd -12th April 2024 M.I.T End of Semester exams Examinations Office/Students
2nd  -19th  April 2024 Period for school-based learning Deputy principal/ Respective trainers
15th  -18th April 2024 Period for marking and entering end term marks online All trainers
19th April 2024 Deadline for submission of marks entry sheets & entering marks online (end term marks)

Deadline for entering end term marks online


Examinations  Office /All Trainers