DCP 3300: Diploma in Counselling Psychology


Modules covered under this course include;

DCP 3301 Communication Skills
DCP 3302 Personal Development
DCP 3303 Introduction to Psychology
DCP 3304 Counselling Theories
DCP 3305 Counselling Process & Practice
DCP 3306 Research Methods
DCP 3307 Human Growth and Development
DCP 3308 Group Counselling
DCP 3309 Professional Studies
DCP 3310 Seminar on HIV/AIDS
DCP 3311 Marriage and Family Counselling
DCP 3312 Counselling Children, Youth & Adults
DCP 3313 Terminal Illness, Death and Dying
DCP 3314 Cross Cultural Counselling
DCP 3315 Substance Abuse Rehabilitation
DCP 3316 Stress Management
DCP 3317 Project
DCP 3318 Counselling Practicum


  • Minimum qualifications are KCSE C- or KCE Div. 2 or the equivalent
  • Certificate in Community development, Social development, Social work, Community Health, Counseling and Psychology.
  • Course open to Beginners, Development workers, Social workers, Project managers and Fresh students