CHRM 900: Certificate in Human Resource Management

The Craft in Human Resource Management course is designed to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitude to enable him/her perform routine Human Resource Management activities in an organization as a clerk. The course is deigned in Modular format to so the trainee can enter and leave for the world of work at the end of each module.


Module I

CHRM 901: Communication Skills
CHRM 903: Office Administration and Management
CHRM 904: Elements of Human Resource Management
CHRM 905: Commerce
CHRM 906: Entrepreneur Education/Business plan


CHRM 907: Elements of Law and Industrial Relations
CHRM 908: Book Keeping and Accounts
CHRM 909: Practice of Human Resource Management
CHRM 910: Research project
CHRM 911: Field practicum


  • Passed relevant Artisan in course in Human Resource Management or
  • KCSE D+  or
  •  Equivalent qualifications as determined by KNEC