CHIV 600: Certificate in HIV/AIDS Management

This is a one year course. At the end of the course the trainee should;

  • Understand the role of HIV/AIDS in the development of the organizations goals.
  • Understand the legal provisions that govern HIV/AIDS management.
  • Demonstrate competencies in prevention, management, care and support of HIV/AIDS patients.
  • Appreciate the role of networking and partnership in the prevention, the fight, management, care and support of HIV/AIDS.
  • Understand global trends in HIV/AIDS and situations.
  • Demonstrate high competence in application of appropriate knowledge and skills in the management and control of HIV/AIDS.
  • Demonstrate understanding of innovative ways of being self reliant.
  • Apply life skills behaviour change and communication knowledge in enhancing positive attitudes and prevention measures towards HIV/AIDS and other pandemics in the society.

CHIV 3801:     Introduction to HIV/AIDS
CHIV 3802:     Communication skills
CHIV 3803:     Counselling
CHIV 3804:     Information Communication Technology
CHIV 3805:     VCT techniques
CHIV 3806:     STIs and opportunistic infections
CHIV 3807:     Office management
CHIV 3808:     Professional ethics
CHIV 3809:     Home Based Care
CHIV 3810:     Nutrition
CHIV 3811:     Social mobilization and marketing
CHIV 3812:     Basic research
CHIV 3813:     Entrepreneurship
CHIV 3814:     Healthcare waste management
CHIV 3815:     Project / Report


  • Minimum qualifications are KCSE D+ or KCE Div. 3 or the equivalent
  • Course open to Beginners, Community development workers, pastors, Welfare officers and Fresh students